Toko Syrco

Toko Syrco is authentic Indonesian cuisine in its purest essence.

I grew up seeing my parents preparing rice tables in the kitchen days before a family event. Sharing food with loved ones is always an uplifting experience, and that's what we aim for with these shared dinners. With the Toko Syrco rice tables, we want to astonish those with Indonesian roots and create an introduction to the cuisine for those who are new to Indonesian food. As a chef, I usually adapt existing recipes to a specific target audience or restaurant. Yet, when assembling Toko Syrco, I threw away that idea of re-imagining dishes. I wanted Toko Syrco to be the purest and most authentic representation of Indonesian Cuisine possible.

Our dinner boxes are a diverse rice table with consciously selected traditional and authentic dishes. Selamat Makan! Indulge in the food. Indulge in the heritage. Indulge in the moment with your loved ones.

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