Hierbas de las Dunas

Hierbas de las Dunas is a unique, hand-crafted liqueur from eighteen types of herbs, flowers and plants from the North Sea dunes.

As a chef, I naturally lean towards local produce and traceable ingredients. On several trips to Ibiza, restaurants would suggest we drink their local- or self-made hierbas. After being very much intrigued by the diverse, grounding and pure taste, I wondered if we would be able to create a hierbas of our own. And so we began the very personal process of experimenting and extracting herbs, flowers and plants from the North Sea dunes. Hierbas is originally made with dried herbs. During our process, we only use fresh herbs. We harvest all eighteen herbs, flowers and plants between May and September and then macerate them for two months. By applying pressure every day, we make sure to extract the most intense flavours. Every year we get to combine variable herb, flower and plant extracts to that ultimate 'Hierbas De Las Dunas'-blend.

It’s the ideal apéritif, after-dinner drink and ingredient for all sorts of cocktails.

I prefer drinking it on the rocks: a lot of ice and some lime. Hierbas might not be the answer to your problems, but it’s worth a shot.

Ordering is possible via www.hierbasdelasdunas.com.